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Mis Pegatinas;
Nunca vuelva a perder nada!

Can I give Mis-Pegatinas Labels as a gift?
Yes, you can! They make a great gift. Perfect for Birthdays or other special occasions. We can send the gift directly to the person you want to give it to and if you want to personalize it with a message, let us know and we make a nice card!
I feel 60 labels are too much, can I order less than 60?
Sorry, but at the moment this is not possible. We are currently looking into possibilities to offer combination packs.
Can I order more names in one pack?
Sorry, but this is not possible. What you can do is put your family name on a Create Your Own label, for example 100% Sanchez or Familia Lopez. Add your phone number/email address and the whole family will enjoy these labels. 
Can I order a combination of Iron on and Name labels?
Sorry, this is not yet possible. We expect we will be able to offer this in the near future.

Can I add my own icon?
Sorry, generally speaking this is not possible, however you can contact us at for more information on this.
We have 60 icons you can choose from. We are of course interested in any ideas you have on icons, so please send your suggestions to us and maybe you will find your icon idea on our website. 
How do I pay for my order?
For payment of your order we use PayPal, an international payment platform. They guarantee the safe and secure completion of your payment. You will receive an email as soon as we have received your payment.
Since our labels are custom made, they will only be produced after we have received your payment in full. We will send you an email once we have shipped the labels to you.
How much are the delivery costs?
For the shipment of our labels, we charges delivery costs. The shipping costs within Denmark are 20 DKK, disregarding the amount of labels you order.
Can I change or add more labels to my order after I placed my order?
Basically this is not possible; however do contact us to be sure on Maybe we haven’t produced your order yet and we can add more labels.
How long does it take before I receive my order?
After receiving your payment we will ship your order by mail within 4 days. The post handles all our shipping and delivery depends on them. The average delivery time in Europe is 3 days and 8 days outside Europe. We however cannot give any guarantees on average delivery times.
How do I know my order has been sent?
The day we send the labels to you, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your shipment. Your order is packed in an envelope that fits your mailbox, so you don’t have to stay home to collect your order.
My order was sent, but I still haven't received anything?
Normally the post will deliver your post within 2 to 4 days. If you have not received your order after a week, please do contact us.

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